From Jan. 14-March 15, Red Wing Public Library is participating in “Where We Come From,” a reading challenge sponsored by Lerner; hosted on Beanstack.
Every person has a rich history and unique stories to tell — dive deeper into your own this winter! Explore topics like family, history, and identity while reading Where We Come From, a poetic picture book for all ages written by John Coy, Shannon Gibney, Sun Yung Shin, and Diane Wilson and illustrated by Dion MBD. Log your reading minutes and reflect on your own story — all while earning badges on your virtual bingo card!
For logging your minutes read and completing reading activities, you will earn badges that feature some of the beautiful artwork from the book itself.

To complete the Adult challenge, you must read 4 adult novels, and 2 children’s picture books; as outlined in each activity. The time logged can be the same reading time used to complete the reading activities.

All kids completing at least one row of bingo earn a winter reading water bottle sticker. Anyone completing the challenge and earning a bingo card blackout will earn tickets that can be entered into drawings for books and gift cards! Happy reading!