Book jacket cover of The Silence of WarOnce again, our guest reviewer today is the library’s very own ex-Marine, Gene Grave.  Here’s what he had to say about The Silence of War:

“After getting my science fiction fix by reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, I went back to one of my other favorite genres for a change of pace with The Silence of War. What initially caught my attention about the book was that the author spent a tour of active duty, left the service to serve in law enforcement, and then joined a Marine unit through a civilian program making use of his law enforcement experience. McGowan has a easy style of writing that conveys the mood of the story nicely and brings to light the motivation and dedication of today’s young Marines.
The book details his motivation and dedication to help in the conflict in both Iraq and Afghanistan. An interesting observation (for me anyway) was that we were both in 29 Palms, California a few months apart back in ’77. And yes, that does age me but the author is older yet! So, those of you who have read, or are going to read the book, place yourself at his age (59) and think of how your body would react to the physical conditioning and the living conditions he experienced while serving with the Marine unit in Afghanistan. I still marvel at the leadership and motivation of the the young men and women that are serving in this day and age in the military. The Silence of War is a story that can be read by military buffs and non-military buffs alike.
For those that have served, and their families, thank you one and all.”