Book jacket cover of The Shakespeare RequirementThe sequel to Dear Committee Members) is just as wickedly funny and smart as its predecessor. If you haven’t read either, you are in for a treat! Booklist has a typically bullish review: “No one would envy Jason Fitger. The new chair of the English department at a declining midwestern university has a number of challenges to face in his first year: his counterpart in the opulent economics department is plotting to take over space in their shared building and perhaps even shut down English entirely; his ex-wife is now dating the dean to whom Fitger must appeal for help; a bright student struggling with the adjustment to college becomes his responsibility; and, on top of all that, a perceived threat to the Shakespeare curriculum sparks a campus firestorm. Schumacher satirizes the pitfalls of academia with searing wit, skewering everything from the abominable faculty offices to the eccentric personalities throughout the university. Beneath the comedy lies a tragic commentary on the state of higher education, when money counts for more than scholarship, and power is directly tied to fundraising ability. The Shakespeare Requirement offers a desperately funny take on campus foibles, as Schumacher stretches reality to the boundaries of absurdity in this raucous underdog tale.”