Book jacket cover of The Armored SaintMyke Cole has written a number of action/adventure books but The Armored Saint is his first fantasy novel – and it’s a good one! Booklist gave it a starred review, writing “[w]izardry and magic have been outlawed in this epic fantasy trilogy starter from Cole, author of the popular Shadow Ops series. The Order monitors the citizens of the kingdom to make sure that they don’t practice magic, which they believe comes from the devil. Naturally, the Order are terrible, power-hungry individuals who terrorize the population with threats of what they will do if they suspect a wizard, and terrify the public with threats of what wizards can do if they exist. But Heloise cannot help herself, and she repeatedly stands up to the Order to protect her family and even jumps one of them to save her best friend, Basina, whom she loves. Cole has created a dark medieval world that by the end only has a small sliver of light in it. The spunky Heloise fights for her family and friends and makes it easy to cheer her on through her adventures.” And for those of you find it hard to wait, the second book in the series (The Queen of Crows) is out and it’s even better than the first!