Book jacket cover of The Armored SaintI have a soft spot in my heart for small town Iowa journalism since my nephew worked as a reporter in Le Mars (Ice Cream Capital of the World!). Unlike Art Cullen, the author of Storm Lake, my nephew hasn’t yet won a Pulitzer, but he’s young… Booklist gave the book a starred review, writing “Cullen, editor of Storm Lake, Iowa’s small hometown newspaper, the Storm Lake Times, won the Pulitzer Prize in 2017 for a series of editorials about farming practices and water quality in northwest Iowa. Here, Cullen chronicles his early life in Storm Lake, his journalistic forays at various Midwestern newspapers, and his ultimate return home when his older brother, John, needed help managing his fledgling paper. An engaging storyteller, Cullen recounts the deeds (and misdeeds) of youth, but his writer’s passion shines when he discusses the events that led him to write the prize-winning editorials. He cares deeply about his community and the changes it has undergone. Storm Lake, like many other small Midwestern towns, has seen manufacturing jobs dry up and farming morph into a corporate concern, but more uniquely, it has welcomed immigrants in search of a better life, and it is thriving. The moral, economic, and social history of a small town in Iowa might not seem like much of a story, but in Cullen’s hands, it is. He and his family have sunk their roots deeply, engaged with the issues of their place, and cared enough to call out injustice.”