Book jacket cover of Medusa UploadedI usually don’t enjoy books where I don’t care about or find likable any of the main characters (e.g.,  Gone Girl). Which is why I was a bit reluctant to start a book which begins with “I usually don’t have much time for reflection, but lately I seem to have nothing but time, and I find myself wondering what sort of killer am I? Technically I qualify as a serial killer, because I have been killing for many years. I probably also qualify as a mass murderer, because once I killed twenty-six people within a five-hour period.” But as the book progresses, the reader learns things are not what they seem and you may (or may not!) come to have quite a different impression of Oichi Angelis. Kirkus Reviews gave the book a very good review, writing “[Medusa Uploaded is] a tense sci-fi thriller about a woman determined to remake her society—at any cost. Oichi Angelis is supposed to be insignificant. She’s part of the working class on the generation ship Olympia, bionically modified to see and hear only what the Executives want her to, and expected to work for subsistence-level food and no other reward. But Oichi has her own agenda. She’s not out to avenge her parents, killed when a powerful Executive blew up Olympia’s sister ship, Titania. She’s trying to continue their work, to pass on the vast database of classical and folk music her father compiled and spread the secret encoded within that database—modifications that make it possible to bond with the incredibly powerful Medusa AIs, modifications that will upend the Olympia’s rigidly hierarchical social structure. On a generation ship halfway to its destination, Oichi is starting a revolution, and she’ll kill whomever gets in the way. Oichi is a fascinating character, cold and implacable in pursuing her goals but capable of deep emotion. The worlds she inhabits, both physical and virtual, are richly detailed and gorgeously imagined… Sci-fi fans will love exploring the world of Oichi’s spaceship home and living inside the head of a not-quite-coldblooded killer.” I’m glad I didn’t go with my initial instincts – I would have missed out on an excellent book!