Book jacket cover of How Democracies DieIn these highly polarized times, it’s rare to find a book discussing our political system that earns praise from both conservatives and liberals. How Democracies Die is such a book – and a chilling and important one at that. The Wall Street Journal wrote about it that: “The authors argue, with good evidence, that democracies aren’t destroyed because of the impulses of a single man; they are, instead, degraded in the course of a partisan tit-for-tat dynamic that degrades norms over time until one side sees an opening to deliver the death blow. Donald Trump is not a dictator. But it’s impossible to read How Democracies Die without worrying that our collective decay of democratic norms may open the door to one down the line—perhaps even one of an entirely different ideological persuasion.” The book earned praise from many liberal commentators as well, including E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post: “Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt have offered a brilliant diagnosis of the most important issue facing our world: Can democracy survive? With clinical precision and an extraordinary grasp of history, they point to the warning signs of decay and define the obligations of those who would preserve free government. If there is an urgent book for you to read at this moment, it is How Democracies Die.”