What if, instead of the presidency, General George Washington had accepted a crown?

For the first time in history, the House of Washington is about to put a queen on the throne.  As the eldest child of His Majesty King George IV, Beatrice has spent her entire life training to be queen.  To put the needs of her country before herself.  To balance Beatrice the girl with Beatrice the heir.  As the first woman to inherit the throne, she must be prepared to work harder, sacrifice more, and hold her head higher than any American monarch that has come before.  Some days, it all seems like too much – especially when her parents tell her it’s time to select a consort.  For the good of the country, of course.  Still, there is only one future for Beatrice – or is there?

Samantha and Jefferson are the Washington twins.  Four minutes older, that makes Sam the spare, and Jeff the third.  Wild, unpredictable, and always up for an escapade or a party, the pair have just returned home from an overseas tour after graduating high school the previous spring.  And there are two people who are thrilled to have them home, despite more than a few complications and secrets that remain from last spring’s graduation party – Sam’s best friend, Nina Gonzalez, and Jeff’s ex, Daphne Deighton.

Nina and Sam have known each other for what seems like forever – since they were six and playing hide-and-seek in Washington Palace while Nina’s mom worked as the king’s Chamberlain.  Nina, Sam, and Jeff grew up together, and, despite her complete lack of titles and aristocratic background, is the most real friend Sam has.  Nina is also completely in love with Jefferson – even though she has a ton of super confusing feelings about what happened between the two of them at graduation – before he broke up with Daphne.

And Daphne?  Stunningly beautiful, titled, and dubbed America’s Sweetheart by the press, Daphne will do anything to reclaim the future, and the crown, she thought she had secured – until the events of last spring unraveled it all.

Soapy, fun, and fabulously over-the-top, this royal romp though a what-if world is absolutely delicious.  With swoon-worthy, star-crossed, and forbidden romance (all the romance!), high fashion and couture, incredible vacations, lots of paparazzi, and a vault full of crown jewels, this is everything I needed to kick off my fall reading season.  If you binge-watched The Crown, are totally in love with The Royal We, have ever gotten up super early to watch a royal wedding, kind of wish we lived in a world with more opportunities to wear fascinators, think The Princess Diaries is maybe one of the best movies ever, or just love a good, dishy romance, American Royals is for you!