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What I Lick Before Your Face and Other Haikus by Dogs by Jamie Coleman

I’ve been on a bit of a grim run with my book postings lately – global climate change, the Me Too movement, etc. So it was perfect timing when I saw this book. If you love dogs (and I do!) then check out this book. You won’t be sorry! I’ve included one of the cute haikus above. These tend to elicit the “awwww” reaction. There are also quite a few laugh out loud haikus regarding the, how shall I put this. earthier aspects of owning a dog… Highly recommended!
Picture of book cover for What I Lick Before Your Face



Doctor Dogs: How Our Best Friends Are Becoming Our Best Medicine by Maria Goodavage

Picture of book cover for Doctor DogsSo I was working on Janet’s computer the other day while she was off. That’s always fun for me, partly because I enjoy my work with computers, but mostly because Janet does all the ordering of adult books for the library and there are ALWAYS fabulously interesting books on her desk waiting to be cataloged. This time was no exception!

It was the cover that caught my eye – I’m a sucker for a cute dog picture. In Doctor Dogs we read about dogs who detect cancer and Parkinson’s disease, dogs who alert people to seizures and diabetic lows or highs, and dogs that help those with autism, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Not to mention dogs that can sniff out malaria or the life threatening bacteria Clostridium difficile. The stories are incredible and the pictures heart warming. Anybody who loves dogs will love this book!