The Red Wing Public Library Survey has come to an end. We are very appreciative of the time 509 members of the community took to assist in our analysis, and we will use the information gained as we develop our long range plan and implement improvements.

The overall survey showed there were four areas that are important to the community:
1) Materials Collection (including books, audiobooks, DVDs, magazines, newspapers, and e-books.);
2) Child and Teen Programming (including summer reading , story times, and family events);
3) Accessibility (including safe sidewalks, handicap accessibility, homebound services, and online resources);
4) Technology (including computer &Wi-Fi access, technology assistance, and electronic resources).
These areas ranked high on the preliminary part of the survey.
The highest number of respondents, 68%, ranked the materials collection as their first or second priority. This was followed by 60% of respondents who ranked child and teen programming as their top one or two priorities, followed by 49% for accessibility and 47% for technology.

When asked to allocate funds to specific categories, survey respondents’ priorities were slightly different. The survey showed residents gave the materials collection the largest segment of the budget with 21.83% of the dollars going to this area, followed by 16.52% going to child and teen programming, and 15.19% targeted toward technology. Respondents directed 9.03% of funds to accessibility improvements, a relatively lower percentage of funding than its priority rating on the first part of the survey. While each of these areas scored high, we will continue to carefully examine all data. The full report is available for those who are interested.

Many people also provided comments on aspects of the library and library services, in addition to taking the base survey. We appreciate the time, effort and thought put into these comments and will be considering them as we move through the long range planning process.

The survey was just the beginning of the work that will continue throughout the year. The long range planning team will meet many times to work on the plan before they present a final draft to the Library Board at their November 12, 2018 meeting.

Once again, we are extremely grateful to everyone for contributing your valuable time, honest answers, and thoughtful suggestions. Please remember the public is always welcome to attend the library board meetings or to stop by the library anytime to ask questions regarding the library’s long range plan.