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The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen

Emma Saylor is one hundred percent okay with her clean, orderly, maybe a little predictable life with her dad and Nana in Lakeview.  Change makes her nervous anyway (maybe not quite as nervous as driving, which, new license or no, she is absolutely never doing, no matter how much her dad pushes her into it), and she likes everything to be organized, tidy, and exactly where it’s supposed to be.  Maybe it’s because she lost her mom to addiction when she was a kid, and her dad is all about careful and cautious (and clean teeth, but then, he’s a dentist), but Emma likes it when she knows she can be sure where everything – and everyone – is going to be.

So when her plans to stay with her best friend while her dad is on his honeymoon trip fall through at the last minute, Emma is more than a little frazzled.  But after the roller coaster ride that was life with her mom, she wants her dad to be happy, and she really like Tracy, her new stepmom, which means going to stay with her mom’s mom, Mimi, and her cousins, all of whom she last saw when she was four years old, at the lake is going to have to be okay.  Even if they’re virtually strangers.  Emma’s sure she’ll be fine  – after all, her mom told her tons of stories about the lake right up until she died.

When Emma gets to the lake, she finds a whole new world – one where she’s Saylor, not Emma.  One where everyone knows her, but she doesn’t know them.  One where everyone remembers her mom, and isn’t afraid to talk about her.  One that’s messy, and chaotic, and a little wild, and overflowing with family and new friends and love.  Full of cousins, childhood best friends that might maybe turn into more, hotel housekeeping trials and tribulations, boats and docks, crash courses behind the wheel, impromptu proms, invisible lines between the two sides of the lake and the people that occupy them, and nothing, nothing, nothing that’s predictable.

Is it really summer without a Sarah Dessen novel?  Nope!  The queen of summer is back with a fabulous new novel, one that’ll have you grabbing your towel, flip flops, a bottle of sunscreen, a big thermos of sun tea and hitting the dock to sink into this delicious novel of family, first love, and figuring out where you come from – and where you’re going.  Tuck The Rest of the Story into your beach bag this summer – and then indulge in a good re-read of some of Sarah Dessen’s other delicious novels!

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Kindles you can check out

Going on vacation? Don’t have the space or arm strength to lug 20 books with you? Not excited about reading on your tiny glare-ridden phone screen? We’ve got a solution for you! We have 6 Kindles available for you to check out.   Each one has a theme: Romance; Cozy mysteries (lighter mysteries without explicit violence, language or sexual content); Mysteries and Thrillers (psychological thrillers like Gone Girl, action thrillers, etc); Nonfiction; Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror; and General Fiction (everything that wouldn’t fit somewhere else!)

We have hundreds of books on our Kindles, as well as hard to find (in libraries, anyway) short stories and novellas. The E Ink screens are easy to read inside or outside. The Kindles are lightweight and battery life is excellent.

You’ll have to stop by the desk to check these out because we keep them in the back. We are very excited about being able to offer Kindles, and we hope you’ll use and enjoy them! We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks!