Ever wanted to join a reading group, but didn’t have the time? Well, here is your chance! This group is for people looking for a chance to discuss a quick and easy read. Join us at any of the meetings listed below in the Foot Room at the Red Wing Public Library – and just give us a call if you’d like us to request a book for you!

Thursday, September 19 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for Summer IslandSummer Island by Kristin Hannah
Booklist: “When Ruby was 16, her mother, Nora, walked out on her family, and Ruby has never forgiven her. Nora has become a famous national advice guru based in Seattle, and when the press finds out about an affair she had while still married, her career is thrown into turmoil by the scandal. Ruby, an unemployed comedian, has a chance to make some money by writing an article about her now-famous mother, whom she hasn\qt spoken to in 10 years, and when Nora is injured in a car accident, Ruby breaks her silence and decides to take care of her mostly as an aid to her writing project. They hole up in their old family vacation home on Summer Island off the coast of Seattle and behave like boxers coming out to spar with one another and then retreating to their corners to wait for the second round of confrontations. Ruby starts working on her article as therapy to distract her from dealing with her mother, but as the two women become accustomed to each other, Ruby starts to remember the good times and learns that she didn\qt really know either of her parents well enough to judge them. Nora opens up and reveals that there were serious problems in her marriage before she left. Ruby also becomes more aware of herself and of all the problems in her life that have been caused by her reaction to her childhood. Hannah has written a wonderful mother/daughter story that highlights the individuality of each strong woman and shines hope on fractured relationships.”
Thursday, October 17 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for The DreamersThe Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker
Booklist: “Walker’s highly anticipated follow-up to The Age of Miracles (2012) is a similar modern fantasy in which strange things that change the course of the world start to happen to everyday people. In this novel, a sleeping sickness slowly overcomes students at a small Southern California college. By the time anyone recognizes a pattern, it’s too late to quarantine the campus (though they try), and the odd malady spreads to the surrounding town. Those stricken suddenly fall asleep and cannot be roused. Tests show that while they are not under any physical duress, they are having vivid dreams. The novel follows an assortment of specific victims, including a college freshman with a secret even she doesn’t know, a doomsday-prepper-type and single father of two wild girls, and a mother who leaves a newborn baby and a perplexed husband behind. Readers will be drawn in by the telling as Walker manages to create spare prose that nonetheless conveys great detail, an approach that works well to add a bit of tension to this simultaneously languid and lush tale.”
Thursday, November 21 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for not a SoundNot a Sound by Heather Gudenkauf
Publishers Weekly: “Former ER nurse Amelia Winn, the gutsy narrator of this moving thriller from Edgar-finalist Gudenkauf (Missing Pieces), is struggling to rebuild her life in rural Iowa, digitizing patient files in her new clerical job at the area’s largest cancer clinic, two years after an unsolved hit-and-run destroyed her hearing. Then, while paddle boarding along the deserted Five Mines River not far from her isolated cabin, Amelia and her service dog, Stitch, discover the strangled corpse of a woman: nurse Gwen Locke, a colleague of Amelia’s who was once a good friend. When Amelia’s dramatic 911 call airs, she becomes a potential sitting duck for a killer concerned about just how much she may have seen. Although friend since childhood Det. Jake Schroeder urges her to leave the investigating to pros, she can’t resist any more than she can stop delving into anomalies in patient files. As increasingly frightening events menace the heart-tuggingly vulnerable Amelia and her fiercely loyal four-legged protector, Gudenkauf maximizes tension all the way through the literally cliff-hanging finale.”
Thursday, December 19 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for One Day in DecemberOne Day in December by Josie Silver
Booklist: “It’s love at first sight when, a few days before Christmas, Laurie looks out of the window of a London bus and spots an appealing guy sitting in a bus shelter. He seems to see her, too, but the bus pulls away. Laurie spends the next year searching for bus boy with the help of Sarah, her gorgeous and more glamorous flatmate and best friend. Then, when the holidays roll around again, Sarah brings home new boyfriend Jack bus boy himself. Silver’s novel follows her twentysomething characters over the next 10 years as Laurie struggles with her love for Jack and her loyalty to Sarah. It turns out that Jack, who shares narrative duties with Laurie, has not forgotten that first encounter, but his and Laurie’s timing is never right. He and Sarah break up, but not before Laurie has accepted a marriage proposal from dependable Oscar. Silver writes with verve and charm in this debut, and readers will be pulling for Laurie and Jack as they detour through missteps and misunderstandings before their happy ending is finally achieved.”

Except as noted, annotations are supplied from the SELCO catalog