Do you enjoy a lively book discussion with friends, old and new? If so, please join us at any of the meetings listed below (generally the 2nd Thursday of every month except June, July and August) in the Foot Room at the Red Wing Public Library – and just give us a call if you’d like us to request a book for you!

Thursday, January 9 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for Firefly LaneFirefly Lane by Kristin Hannah
Booklist: “Hannah limns the depths of female friendship in her new novel, which follows a girlhood bond that matures into an adult one. Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey come from different backgrounds: vivacious Tully has been abandoned by her hippie mother while studious Kate comes from a stable and loving family. After a devastating incident at a party, 14-year-old Tully finds herself confiding in Kate, thus beginning their unlikely friendship. Through dogged determination, ambitious Tully, who longs to be an anchorwoman, manages to secure them both jobs at a small television station after college; but while Tully pursues her dream of being a reporter, Kate falls for their handsome boss. The women’s friendship remains strong as Tully fights her way to the top of the journalistic ladder and Kate finds a new purpose in motherhood, until a betrayal and a tragedy threaten their long-standing bond. Covering the 1970s to the new millennium, Hannah’s latest is a moving and realistic portrait of a complex and enduring friendship.”
Thursday, February 13 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for The Art of Racing in the RainThe Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
Booklist: “Enzo the dog feels sure that his next life will be spent in a man’s body. In preparation, he closely studies human behavior, and it’s from Enzo’s observant point of view that Stein writes his moving third novel. Enzo is deeply jealous when his owner, Denny, falls in love with Eve, but after baby Zoe is born, Enzo assumes his role as the family’s unconditional protector, particularly after Eve is diagnosed with brain cancer. After Eve’s death, her parents drag Denny into a bitter custody battle for Zoe, and Enzo, despite his canine limitations, passionately defends Denny and even alters the course of events. Denny is a race-car driver, and Enzo, who has watched countless televised races, folds thrilling track scenes and driving lessons into the terse family drama. The metaphors may feel purposeful, but readers will nonetheless delight in Enzo’s wild, original voice; his aching insights into the limitations and joys of the canine and human worlds; and his infinite capacity for love.”
Thursday, March 12 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for Field of PreyField of Prey by John Sandford
Booklist: “*Starred Review* A couple of high-school lovers conclude an evening of passion in rural Minnesota by noticing a really bad smell. They inform the local cops, who find an underground cistern filled with God knows how many bodies and body parts. It’s obviously not a job for local cops, so Lucas Davenport and his Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are called in. There are 15 skulls and counting when Lucas arrives. The early forensic examinations reveal the killings have been going on for years. How did someone not notice? Davenport’s usual partners are engaged in other investigations, so he teams up with Catrin Mattsson, a detective with the county sheriff’s office. They seem a mismatched pair at first. She resents his wealth, and he sees her as a bit of a confrontational smart-ass. They wade through a couple of false leads, one supplied by an eight-year-old beauty pageanteer whose parents view the ensuing publicity as a big break. There are a couple other investigatory sidebars, but when the killer decides Mattsson should be his next victim, the case escalates quickly.”
Thursday, April 9 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for Little Fires EverywhereLittle Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
Booklist: “*Starred Review* Shaker Heights, Ohio, is a by-the-books kind of town. Longtime residents know the well-established rules of conduct. Newcomers, such as itinerant artist Mia Warren and her teenage daughter, Pearl, must find out for themselves what is acceptable and what is not. Renting an apartment from city-native Elena Richardson should give Mia and Pearl a leg up. Instead, it throws them into the midst of a fraught custody battle concerning a Chinese American baby; engenders fierce rivalries between brothers Moody and Trip Richardson for Pearl’s attention; and casts Mia as the unlikely confidant of the Richardson daughters, popular Lexie and outcast Izzy. There are secrets upon secrets within the families: Mia’s past is hidden from Pearl, just as Pearl conceals her love affair with Trip. Lexie’s abortion must be kept from her family, while only Izzy knows the subterfuge her mother is using to undermine Mia and Pearl’s happiness. Ng’s stunning second novel is a multilayered examination of how identities are forged and maintained, how families are formed and friendships tested, and how the notion of motherhood is far more fluid than bloodlines would suggest. Ng’s debut, Everything I Never Told You (2015), was a book-group staple. Laden with themes of loyalty and betrayal, honesty and trust, her latest tour de force should prove no less popular.”
Thursday, May 14 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for Summer of 69Summer of 69 by Elin Hilderbrand
Booklist: “In June 1969, Tiger Foley ships off to Vietnam. His desolate mother Kate tries her best to keep things normal, so while her oldest, pregnant Blair, remains in Boston, Kate packs up her other daughters for a summer with her mother, Exalta, at All’s Fair. Free-spirited Kirby quickly leaves for Martha’s Vineyard for a little independence and a job at an inn in Edgartown, leaving Jessie, 13, stuck taking tennis lessons at Exalta’s club and mooning after Pick Crimmins, the caretaker’s son, who is unexpectedly living in the guest house. As relationships buckle under the strain of keeping up appearances, the world around Nantucket keeps interfering; civil rights, women’s rights, the moon landing, Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, and the dark specter of the war in Vietnam all loom large. Yet Hilderbrand (Winter in Paradise, 2018) still manages to suffuse the novel with her trademark aspirational, escapist trappings (albeit with a little drinking while pregnant), and the chapter titles provide nostalgic readers with a soundtrack to this pleasing, beach-ready read.”
Thursday, September 10 @ 5:00pm
Picture of book cover for The Oysterville Sewing CircleThe Oysterville Sewing Circle by Susan Wiggs
Booklist: “Caroline Shelby left tiny Oysterville for college in New York City. Always passionate about designing clothes, Caroline is determined to make it big. When the designer she is working for steals her designs and passes them off as his own, Caroline is devastated. Even more devastating is the death of her best friend, Angelique. Caroline had previously agreed to be guardian to Angelique’s children, never imagining that anything would come of it. With two small children and no career, Caroline has no choice but to return home to Oysterville. The first person she runs into is Will Jensen, the man who broke her heart and married her best friend. Determined to provide for her children and to help other women who suffered from domestic violence like Angelique did, Caroline starts the Oysterville Sewing Circle. What starts as a support group becomes so much more as Caroline finds her spark once again. Wiggs (Map of the Heart, 2017) writes with thoughtfulness, gentleness, and realism as she tells the stories of women affected by domestic violence. The gentle romance between two friends reconnecting never distracts from these survivor stories.”

Except as noted, annotations are supplied from the SELCO catalog