One lucky cowboy
Author(s): Carolyn Brown

ISBN: 9781492649502

Published: 2018

No big blond cowboy is going to intimidate this spitfire. If Slade Luckadeau thinks he can run her off his ranch, he's got cow chips for brains. This smarttalking ranch woman is giving himn serious pains. Jane Day is winning every argument, and Slade.... More

A rogue of her own
Author(s): Grace Burrowes

ISBN: 9781538728918

Published: 2018

For Miss Charlotte Windham, the best way to maintain her spinsterhood and her independence is a teeny, tiny brush with scandal. She chooses wealthy, handsome upstart Lucas Sherbourne, as her unwitting accomplice. He's intelligent, logical, and ambi.... More

Highland dragon master
Author(s): Isabel Cooper

ISBN: 9781492632092

Published: 2018

The war for Scottish independence rages on, but it's only a matter of time before England is victorious. Exhausted and battleweary, Highland dragon Erik MacAlasdair will face unknown seas to seek the Templar stronghold and claim a power so great it c.... More

As you wish
Author(s): Jude Deveraux

ISBN: 9780778307617

Published: 2018

Sixtyyearold Olivia's first marriage was long and unhappy, but now she is a newlywed, thrilled to finally be starting her life with the man she's always truly loved even if they are getting a late start. Kathy is in her forties and married to a hand.... More

No earls allowed
Author(s): Shana Galen

ISBN: 9781492639015

Published: 2018

It is a truth universally acknoeledged that a lady can do anything a man can do, and she can do it backward and in highheeled dancing slippers. That said, Lady Juliana, daughter of the Earl of St. Maur, needs all the help she can get. She's running a.... More

His risk : the Amish of Hart county
Author(s): Shelley Shepard Gray

ISBN: 9780062469151

Published: 2018

Calvin Fisher left the Amish community at fourteen and never looked back. Only his brother's illness can bring him back to Hart County. Now, as Calvin works to make amends, he meets Alice, a local nursery school teacher, and falls hard for her. But h.... More

All my tomorrows : three historical romance novellas of everlasting love
Author(s): Elizabeth Camden

ISBN: 9780764231018

Published: 2017

Readers will take a journey across America and through time in this collection of three novellas from some of Christian fiction's top historical romance writers.

A borrowed dream
Author(s): Amanda Cabot

ISBN: 9780800727574

Published: 2018

"Catherine Whitfield is sure that she will never again be able to trust anyone in the medical profession after the town doctor's excessive bleeding treatments killed her mother. Despite her loneliness and her broken heart, she carries bravely on as C.... More

Fast burn
Author(s): Lori Foster

ISBN: 9780373789986

Published: 2018

"The moment Brand Berry meets beautiful, driven Sahara Silver, the connection between them is electric. It's also something he can't pursue. Sahara wants him, sureto join Body Armor, where his MMA skills, size, and cocky attitude make him perfect for.... More

Beneath a prairie moon : a novel
Author(s): Kim Vogel Sawyer

ISBN: 9780735290051

Published: 2018

"Readers rabid for the sweet historical romances of Tracie Peterson and Tamara Alexander will flock to bestselling author Kim Vogel Sawyer's prairieset heartwarmer of high society castoff and the western town that welcomes her. Abigail Brantley grew .... More

The undercover billionaire
Author(s): Jackie Ashenden

ISBN: 9781250122834

Published: 2018

His wicked charm
Author(s): Candace Camp

ISBN: 9780373804054

Published: 2018

Lilah Holcutt dislikes Constantine Moreland from the moment she meets him. He may be handsome, but he's frivolous, rash, impulsive and, worst of all, a flirt. Now that Con's twin brother has married Lilah's best friend, she's seeing way more of Con t.... More

Author(s): Lauren Dane

ISBN: 9780373799404

Published: 2018

Vicktor Orlov took one look at the wary gaze and slowtotrust personality of the deliciously sexy and fascinating Rachel Dolan and knew he wanted more than just a casual friendship. But as a natural protector, he also knew bossiness and overprotective.... More

Hero's return
Author(s): B J Daniels

ISBN: 9781335013309

Published: 2018

"Tucker Cahill disappeared from Gilt Edge, Montana, hoping to escape a secret that has haunted him for nineteen years. Then, when a young woman's remains are found in the creek near his family's ranch, he has no choice but to face his demons. The tru.... More

My lady captor
Author(s): Hannah Howell

ISBN: 9781420143768

Published: c2009

Lady Sorcha Hay is devastated to learn that English soldiers are holding her young brother captive. Penniless, the only way she can pay for his freedom is by taking a hostage for ransom herself. Her captive is a wounded knight plucked from the battle.... More

What are you afraid of?
Author(s): Alexandra Ivy

ISBN: 9781420143812

Published: 2018

They aren't the kind of women anyone misses. Truckstop hookers, one would even notice they'd disappeared if the killer didn't photgraph their lifeless bodies, posed in the back of a semitrailer. Exactly like the infamous Trucker murders.... More

The secret of flirting
Author(s): Sabrina Jeffries

ISBN: 9781501144486

Published: 2018

"When spymaster Baron Fulkham meets the stunning Princess Aurore of Chanay, he's sure she's actually the mysterious actress he met years ago in Dieppe. But as he pursues his suspicions, he uncovers a plot of attempted assassination and betrayal that .... More

Hot and badgered
Author(s): Shelly Laurenston

ISBN: 9781496714343

Published: 2018

It's not every day that a beautiful naked woman falls out of the sky and lands facefirst on grizzly shifter Berg Dunn's hotel balcony. Definitely, they don't usually hop up and demand his best gun. Berg gives the lady a grizzlysized tshirt and his ce.... More

Lone rider
Author(s): Lindsay McKenna

ISBN: 9781420145359

Published: 2018

"As a combat photographer in Afghanistan, Tara Dalton saw things she won't ever forget, as much as she would like to ... Desperate to make a change, she joins her old friend Shay at the Bar C Ranch, where a group of exmilitary vets are putting their .... More

The pursuit
Author(s): Diana Palmer

ISBN: 9781335580160

Published: 2018

The first time Mekashe, Captain of the Imperial Guard, meets blueeyed human beauty Jasmine Donally, the two nearly come to blows. Forever devoted to the CehnTahr, Mekashe is forced to sever ties with the object of his adoration. Years pass before the.... More

Twice bitten
Author(s): Lynsay Sands

ISBN: 9780062468970

Published: 2018

For someone who's been around for over a hundred and forty years, immortal Elspeth Argeneau hasn't done a whole lot of living. Noe that she's moved away from her controlling mother, she's tracking down rogue vampires and enjoying some overdue freedom.... More

Eight simple rules for dating a dragon
Author(s): Kerrelyn Sparks

ISBN: 9781250108258

Published: 2018

Gwennore is an Elf able to track down the cause of a certain illness and heal ita valuable asset to her people. But when she is thrust into the realm of the dragons, she discovers a haunted place of power, passion, and magicone that is plagued by an .... More

How the cowboy was won
Author(s): Lori Wilde

ISBN: 9780062468253

Published: 2018

Ember Alzate is a fantastic matchmaker with one big problem she can't find the perfect mate for herself! Alzate family legend says that when she kisses "the One" she'll hear a mysterious humming in her head. Well, Ember's kissed a lot of guys and she.... More