Woman of Courage ON ORDER

ISBN: 9781683227878


Author(s): Donna Grant

ISBN: 9781635765526

Published: 2018

To live in the light, they hunt in the dark.... The power of Helena's magic has made her a target for the Coven. She wanted no part in the war of the witches, but it's out of her hands now. She has to make a standand she does that by helping the Hunt.... More

Leaving Lavender Tides
Author(s): Colleen Coble

ISBN: 9780785222897

Published: 2018

On their honeymoon cruise through the Hawaiian islands, Shauna and Zach Bannister scarcely begin to enjoy themselves before they find that there is a murderous stalker after them.

Searching for you
Author(s): Jody Hedlund

ISBN: 9780764218064

Published: 2018

"In 1850, Sophie Neumann flees New York with her two young charges after witnessing a crime. Reinhold Weiss has finally purchased his own small farm when an old friend shows up, pleading for help. But how can he help her when mounting debts and past .... More

The key
Author(s): Kathryn Hughes

ISBN: 9781472248848

Published: 2018

1956. It's Ellen Crosby's first day as a student nurse at Ambergate County Lunatic Asylum. When she meets a young woman committed by her father, and a pioneering physician keen to try out the various 'cures' for mental illness, little does Ellen know.... More

The cottage on Rose Lane
Author(s): Hope Ramsay

ISBN: 9781538712894

Published: 2018

Jenna Fossey's life is about to change. An unexpected inheritance and the chance to meet relatives she never knew existed has her heading to the charming little town of Magnolia Harbor. But as soon as she arrives, longburied family secrets lead to ev.... More

Who I am with you
Author(s): Robin Lee Hatcher

ISBN: 9780785219262

Published: 2018

"Two broken hearts find God's healing in the first novel of Robin Lee Hatcher's new Legacy of Faith series. Jessica was pregnant and facing divorce when her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident months ago. Left to endure the tragedy and.... More

Not the duke's darling
Author(s): Grace Burrowes

ISBN: 9781538763520

Published: 2018

Freya de Moray is many things a member of the secret order of Wise Women, the daughter of disgraced nobility, and a chaperone living under an assumed name. What she is not is forgiving. So when the Duke of Harlowe, the man who destroyed her brother a.... More

Home to Wind River
Author(s): Lindsay McKenna

ISBN: 9781420147506

Published: 2018

After a harrowing tour of duty in Afghanistan, Army nurse Lily Thompson escapes to Wind River Ranch to find herself once more. Working as a caregiver to foreman Jake Murdoch's elderly mother, Lily almost feels at peaceexcept for the unsettling presen.... More

Dirty little secret
Author(s): Jennifer Ryan

ISBN: 9780062645319

Published: 2018

Noah Cordero is a modernday cowboy who loves three things ranching, his younger sister, and his stepfather. John Cordero groomed Noah to take over the Montana spread where he learned to ride and work the land. But when John unexpectedly dies, he leav.... More


ISBN: 9780062908094


Long, tall Texan
Author(s): Lori Wilde

ISBN: 9781538732021

Published: 2018

"Texas socialite Delaney Cartwright knows she can't go through with her wedding. But she can't simply call the whole thing off. The nuptials to her nice, predictable childhood friend are the social event of the season not to mention that her mother w.... More

Dare to love a Duke
Author(s): Eva Leigh

ISBN: 9780062499455

Published: 2019

"Thomas Powell, the new Duke of Northfield, knows he should be proper and principled, like his father. No more dueling, or carousing, or frequenting masked parties where Londoners indulge their wildest desires. But he's not ready to give up his freed.... More

Strawberry Hill
Author(s): Catherine Anderson

ISBN: 9780399586361

Published: 2018

Newcomer to the sheriff's department Erin De Laney knows next to nothing about wilderness patrols, but she's also never been one to back down from a challenge. So when a rude and stubborn cowboy takes her by surprise on her first day patrolling the m.... More

The duke I once knew
Author(s): Olivia Drake

ISBN: 9781250174376

Published: 2019

For years, Abigail Linton devoted herself to caring for her aging parents and the children of her siblings. Now, eager to make her own life, she takes a position as governess on the neighboring estate. It shouldnU2019t matter that her absentee employ.... More

Out of time
Author(s): Monica McCarty

ISBN: 9780399587740

Published: 2018

With his men scattered to all corners of the globe after a disastrous secret op in Russia, Lieutenant Commander Scott Taylor is trying to find out who was responsible for leaking the information that killed half his platoon. Were it not for Natalie A.... More