Charlie Grant’s favorite place to be in the world is at home with her family.  As the youngest of the five Grant siblings, Charlie knows it’s been awhile since they’ve all been together – especially since Mike hasn’t been home in over a year after what happened last February.  But this weekend?  This weekend, big sister Linnie is getting married in what’s sure to be a gorgeous, perfectly perfect backyard wedding, and Charlie can’t wait for everyone to be together again.  Well, everyone except Mike.

But then Mike does show up.  Except he’s staying at Jesse Foster’s house, Mike’s high school buddy… and Charlie’s crush since forever, who she (finally!) kissed over Christmas break.  And hasn’t seen since Christmas break.  Which is totally fine.  Right?  Charlie’s best friend Siobhan is in Michigan doing freshman orientation, so there’s no one around to figure stuff out with.  And then the wedding planner quits.  Charlie’s dad’s feud with their neighbor Don over the garden show is rapidly escalating.  The house alarm won’t stop going off.  The groom’s suit is missing.  Linnie can’t stop sneezing (she’s not getting sick).  And the Good Morning America crew is supposed to be at the house on Sunday morning after the wedding to do a whole family interview about the end of Charlie’s mom’s 25-year comic strip run, Grant Central Station, featuring the Grant family’s adventures, escapades, and growing pains, which means they’ve got a foster dog to stand in for the family dog in the comic strip.  For the weekend, not just Sunday.  Awesome.

And that’s just the morning of the rehearsal dinner.

If you love Father of the Bride (okay, let’s be honest, all the wedding books and movies ever) as much as I do, don’t miss this fabulous story of one chaotic wedding weekend where almost everything goes wrong and everybody all still loves each other anyway (well, almost everybody).  Fun, laugh-out-loud funny, and with a ton of heart, you’ll wish you’d grown up in the Grant family – or at least reading them in the funny pages.  Kick off your heels, grab a third piece of wedding cake, and add Save the Date to your summer reading pile this year!