Paris for One & Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

paris-for-oneWhen Nell’s boyfriend falls through on their romantic weekend to Paris, she finds herself alone in the City of Light.  A nervous traveler and a woman who always researches and considers each decision, big or small, carefully, she resolves to return to London on the train first thing the next morning.  After all, she doesn’t speak French, and what’s the point if she has no one to spend the weekend with?  It doesn’t matter if she’s never seen the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre, or that bridge with all the locks on it if there’s no one to share it with.  Best just to play it safe and head home.

Fabien is a writer.  Well, to be more precise, he is a waiter who is also a writer in the final stages of editing his first book (it’s not ready, the characters aren’t ready, he’s not ready) and who isn’t quite over the lovely Sandrine.  When a tipped mug sends the only copy of his novel flying into the streets of Paris, it seems Fabien is destined to be a waiter for longer than he had planned.

Nell and Fabien are both a bit lost, but in the gloriously romantic hands of one of my favorite authors, bad luck (and poor choices in old romantic partners…) turns to adventure and discovery on the streets of Paris.  Be sure to stock up on croissants, chocolat, and cafe au lait before you curl up with this delicious read from the author of Me Before You.  Nell and Fabien’s story isn’t the only one between these covers, either – there are eight other stories of love lost and found that will make you smile, cry a little, and definitely want to eat more croissants – or any French pastry, really.  Bon appetit!