Addie and her brother Ian used to be two peas in a pod – they always had each other’s backs.  Until the Horrible Thing that happened just a couple of weeks ago with Cubby, Ian’s football teammate and Addie’s secret maybe-boyfriend, leaving Addie broken-hearted and Ian furious and completely unable to stop badgering Addie that she has to tell her parents what happened.  But the thing is, Addie can hardly even stand to think about it on her own, much less talk about it with anyone, especially her parents, and Ian just can’t seem to stop nagging.  When their latest argument about it ends up with both of them at the bottom of a cliff (well, maybe more of a very steep hill) in Ireland at their aunt’s destination wedding at the Cliffs of Moher, their mom puts her foot down.  If they can’t stop fighting for the rest of their vacation, Addie’s out of soccer (in other words, all her scholarship opportunities dashed) and Ian’s off the football team (same).

Except Ian doesn’t seem to be too worried about football, which is weird, because Ian is the star player on the team – his whole world is football… right?  And then Addie catches Ian sneaking out of the hotel and getting into a very derelict and extremely sketchy car with a super-cute Irish boy Addie’s never heard of.  There’s no way Addie is letting anything crazy happen – not with soccer on the line – so she goes with them, in spite of Ian’s very loud protests.

What happens next is a whirlwind road tour of Ireland (and more than a few not-so-lucky-mechanical setbacks), the Irish music scene, and Addie and Ian’s dreams about the future – which, it turns out, aren’t quite what either of them thought.

If you read Jenna Evans Welch’s first NYT bestseller Love & Gelato, you’ll be happy to know that Addie’s BFF Lina and her super swoon-worthy Italian boyfriend Ren drop in for a cameo in Love & Luck too!  Light, sweet, fun, full of music, friendship, family drama and love, and a whole lot of Irish green, this book is just the sunshine I needed after a looooong winter.  And, if you’re working on the April Reading Challenge, there’s a square or two this’ll help you mark off too!