Badger is a badger who does Important Rock Work. He likes quiet, order, and no interruptions. Skunk is a skunk who needs a place to stay. He likes chickens, preparing (and eating!) big, delicious breakfasts, and gazing at the moon. So, when Aunt Lula, who owns the brownstone where Badger does his Important Rock Work, learns that Skunk is a skunk without a home, it seems obvious – Badger will be getting a roommate.

When Skunk shows up at the brownstone, Badger (who has not yet taken the time to read Aunt Lula’s letter about his new roommate) is Not Pleased. When it seems obvious Skunk is not a sales skunk, and is not going anywhere, he offers Skunk his special Guest Closet for the night – the second floor bedroom is occupied by his collection of empty boxes of all sizes – and is sure things will sort themselves out. Skunk, however, is determined to make things work with his new roommate, no matter how prickly he might be (or how noisy the rock tumbler is) and sets out with great enthusiasm to win Badger over.

Newbery honor author Amy Timberlake pairs up with Caldecott medalist Jon Klassen for a marvelous tale of friendship, found family, a Rocket Potato, and a large assortment of chickens. Funny, heartwarming, and just the right size to savor in one sitting, Skunk and Badger is a perfect for reading aloud, reading on your own, and sharing with friends and family of all ages!