hundred summersLily Dane has always summered in Seaview.  Idyllic and secluded, she and her best friend Budgie grew up sailing, sunning, and swimming in the bay, coves, and on the beaches of Seaview.  The summer of 1938 is no different.  This year, Lily has come down from Manhattan with her mother, her scandalous aunt Julie, and her six-year-old sister, the fiercely independent Kiki.  Lily plans to laze in the sun and spend time with her beloved Kiki – until Julie announces that Budgie Byrne is returning to Seaview for the first time in seven years, and bringing her husband, Nick Greenwald, with her.

Lily first met Nick Greenwald in the autumn of 1931.  She and Budgie drove up from Smith to the Dartmouth football game to watch Budgie’s boyfriend, the gorgeous Graham, play – but the moment Lily catches sight of Nick’s intense, fierce piratical gaze on the field, she is lost, and Nick falls just as quickly.  Seven years later, Lily is quite sure she is over him – after all, he is now married to her best friend.

But as Budgie – and Nick – slowly twine their way back into Lily’s life, old secrets begin to rise to the surface.  Why would a powerful, honest man like Nick, a man who once dreamed of becoming an architect, marry a manipulative, selfish woman like Budgie?  As old secrets come to light and the truth of what happened seven years ago slowly rises to the surface, Lily must find the strength to fight for what she loves most.

If you’re looking for a decadent summer beach read, A Hundred Summers will keep you in your Adirondack chair long after the ice cubes have melted in your lemonade.  Dark family secrets, star-crossed romance, old money, wealth and privilege, sea, salt, and sailing, and plenty of lazy, sun-soaked summer days in the sand lie between the pages of Beatriz Williams’s second novel.  Looking for more?  Check out her debut, last year’s Overseas, a tale of time travel, World War I, Wall Street and enough swoon to put stars in your eyes!