New books

Listed below are all the books that have arrived at our library within the last 30 days. The green circle with the checkmark means it’s available; the red circle with the x that it is checked out.

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Nomadland : surviving America in the twenty-first century
Her Island : the story of Quetico's longest serving interior ranger
The sum of us : what racism costs everyone and how we can prosper together
The sanatorium
The sanatorium
Double jeopardy
The consequences of fear
If I were you
The orphan collector
At the edge of the haight
What could be saved : a novel
The fourth child : a novel
Who is Maud Dixon? : a novel
Life's too short
Foregone : a novel
The sweet taste of muscadines : a novel
The eagle and the viper : a novel of historical suspense
You love me : a you novel
Animal instinct
The bookstore on the beach
Red Island House : a novel
Arizona & the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon National Park.
The invisible ring
Tangled webs : a black jewels novel
Miss Austen
Fast lives and young cars
Robo-Rabbit Boy, go!
The spring filly!
Spring beginnings
Be water-wise, super Grover!
Reduce, reuse, and recycle, Oscar!
Fight pollution, Big Bird!
It's Earth Day, Cookie Monster!
Save energy, Bert and Ernie!
Trash that trash, Elmo and Abby!
Daniel goes camping!
Daniel's first day of school
Riding academy race
My family is special
All about construction workers
Naptime in the neighborhood
Daniel plays in a gentle way
Clean-up time!
Daniel and the firefighters
All about police officers
All about mail carriers
All about teachers
All about doctors
All about firefighters
Daniel feels one stripe nervous
Save the dinosaurs!
Who was Walt Whitman?
Keep trying with Abby : a book about persistence
Everyone has value with Zoe : a book about respect
Me love to share with Cookie Monster : a book about generosity
Who was Levi Strauss?
What was the age of exploration?
Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
Ready, race, rescue!
Escape from . . . : Pompei
Who is Ken Jennings?
Caring with Bert and Ernie : a book about empathy
Looking on the bright side with Elmo : a book about positivity
Bouncing back with Big Bird : a book about resilience
The coldfire curse
People en espanol.
Send for me
The rose code : a novel
The dark is rising
The grey king
Silver on the tree
Over sea, under stone
Something happened in our town : a child's story about racial injustice
Billy Miller makes a wish
Ivy + Bean get to work!
The 130-story treehouse : laser eyes and annoying flies
I will take a nap!
One tough cowboy
The scorpion's tail : a Nora Kelly novel
Dark sky : Joe Pickett novel
The affair : a novel
The affair : a novel
Keep sharp : build a better brain at any age
Keep sharp : build a better brain at any age
How to avoid a climate disaster : the solutions we have and the breakthroughs we
The lost apothecary
Girl A : a novel
The kindest lie : a novel
Haunted hibiscus