The Red Wing Public Library, thanks to the generosity of our Friends of the Library group, now has 10 mobile hotspot devices that our patrons can check out for free.

How it works
The device connects to a cellular network (Sprint, in this case) and using that connection, creates a Wifi network for up to 10 devices. The download speed will vary depending on signal strength and network load but even when it’s at the slower end should allow users to do pretty much anything except really bandwidth intensive activities, like online gaming or Ultra HD video.

Where it works
Anywhere in the US that the Sprint 4G LTE network can provide signal. The devices are not capable of roaming, so they won’t work overseas.

How long can you check them out?
They check out for 2 weeks and can be renewed 1 time for an additional 2 weeks if nobody else has requested one.

Who can check them out
Anybody with a valid SELCO library card who lives in Goodhue County or someone who has purchased a library card from us