Guidelines for the use of library meeting rooms

Library Meeting Rooms are available to the public on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs, affiliations, or economic standing of individuals or groups requesting their use.  In keeping with the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights”, the Library prefers that the meeting rooms be used by non-profit organizations, sponsoring meetings which are free and open to the public.

The Library will allow use of meeting facilities by the City of Red Wing government without charge and outside of regular business hours, when: (a) The City government staff has received library building security and emergency training; (b) City government staff are present to supervise the meeting area and the 3rd Street lobby and will ensure proper closure of the building.  City government meetings would mean any meeting scheduled by the City Council, a board or commission of the City Council, City Staff and agencies of the City such as the Friends organizations.  Generally, the use of meeting facilities at the Library outside of regular business hours will be due to meetings that involve public participation.

The Library does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of meetings or meeting room users.

1.    Meeting rooms may be used only for educational, cultural and civic purposes but not for events such as pot luck dinners, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, etc.  Except for library sponsored events, no fund raisers or general sales can be scheduled.

2.    Meeting rooms are available:     8:00 am –  7:00 pm Monday – Wednesday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm Thursday – Friday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm Saturday.

Reservations are not confirmed until the form (either online or hard copy) has been submitted. Please note the closing times.  It is necessary for you to end your meeting 10 minutes prior to closing time so that all participants are out of meeting rooms by library closing.

3.    Users are responsible for returning the room to its original layout. If the room is not restored to its original state and/or is  left unclean, further charges may be applied and/or requests for future meetings may be denied.

4.    Payment is due on the day of the meeting.  Checks (payable to Red Wing Public Library) cash or credit card are accepted.  No refunds can be processed.  Call the Library 24 hours in advance if it is necessary to cancel the meeting.  No-shows will be invoiced for the time reserved. Meeting room fees will be waived based on the following guidelines:  (1) the program is sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library or Friends of the Library,  (2) the meeting is held by an organization to which the Library is a member, or (3) the room is used by an organization which the Library Board has formally waived the fees.

5.    The Library discourages block booking and will only accept four reservations per group per calendar quarter.  The Library reserves the right to ask any group to change the time or place of their meeting if the room is needed for a library related function.  Also public meetings of concern to a large segment of the population may be given precedence.

6.    THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT requires that groups using the library’s meeting rooms provide accommodations for persons with disabilities.  Public notices of groups’ meetings should include this statement:  “Persons who need special accommodations please notify  (group’s contact person at a phone number other than the library’s)  2 weeks in advance.”  Groups then must notify the library at 385-3673 of any special needs 2 weeks in advance.  The Library will work with groups to arrange for special accommodations with any additional costs being the group’s responsibility.  The library handicapped accessible entrance on East Avenue is open only during regular library hours.  The Third Street door opens at 7:30 am but is not handicapped accessible.  If groups rearrange furniture in the meeting rooms, ADA requires that a 36” walkway be maintained.

7.    Video Public Performance Law requires that groups showing videos while using the library’s meeting rooms must use videos with public performance rights, or secure necessary public performance licenses to the videos.

8.    IN CASE OF FIRE:  If the library’s fire alarm system is activated, the meeting room doors will close automatically to control smoke and fire.  They will NOT be locked.  Fire exit procedures are posted at each room exit.  In the event the fire alarm system is activated, all occupants shall exit the building.  Groups are responsible for the evacuation of meeting attendees.  Do NOT use the elevator in case of fire.  If necessary, carry people with disabilities out of the building.

9.    INDEMNIFICATION.  You agree to reimburse the City for all damages to the room and/or equipment resulting from your use of the room.  You further agree to hold the City harmless and indemnify the City including but not limited to the costs of defense, including attorneys’ fees, from any and all claims or causes of action resulting from the use of the room.

10.    No alcoholic beverages permitted in the Library.

11.    The Library is not responsible for items left in the meeting rooms.

If you need this information in another format contact the library (385-3673) 7 days in advance.