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While We Are Closed

Hello, library patrons and families,

As the challenges presented by COVID-19 continue to change rapidly, the library and the Ciy of Red Wing’s top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our patrons, our staff, and our community.  As such, in order to prevent and mitigate the spread of this virus, the Red Wing Public Library is currently closed to patrons until, at minimum, Monday, March 30.

Though the library building is closed, access to our Wifi network will remain active 24 hours a day.  The network signal extends as far as John Rich Park, and everyone is welcome to access it as they need.  The network name is Red Wing Public Library and the password is rwplwifi.

All due dates will be postponed until we open again and patrons will not be charged any late fines during the time we are closed.

Because the order for us to close came so suddenly, many of you did not have time to pick up items you had requested or stock up on books, movies, and other materials to prepare for school closures and the current recommended social distancing.  In the interest of providing the best service we are able while still minimizing the risk to our patrons and staff, we are offering the ability for patrons to request materials that are owned by and in stock at the Red Wing Public Library at the time of request, as well as pick up any existing holds that are currently waiting for you.

If you or a family member can pick your hold items up at the library by 5:00 PM on Wednesday March 18, we will have a curbside delivery service running.  How does this work? You walk or pull up to the library, call us at (651) 385-3642 to let us know you are outside, give us your full name and/or the name of the family members you are picking up holds for, and we will bring your bag of items out to you, all checked out and ready to go.  Just like any items you currently have checked out, there is no need to return them until we re-open – there will be no late fees.

Should you wish to return any materials during our closure, our book drop, located directly outside the East Avenue entrance, will remain open 24 hours a day.

For those of you looking for things to read, listen to and watch while we are closed – don’t worry! You can still get eBooks and eAudiobooks from us, as well as streaming video, all available from our website at And if you are a really heavy reader, you can still request and check out (before Wednesday at 5:00 PM) one of our Kindles, each of which contains dozens or even hundreds of books.  If you need assistance with downloading eBooks to a Kindle, or have other questions for us, we will be answering your phone calls as best we are able between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, for the duration of our closure.  You may also send an email to if you need assistance or have questions.

Please note that during our closure, we are NOT accepting any book donations.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we navigate this health crisis together.  We are grateful to be a part of such a supportive community, and appreciate each and every one of our library patrons.

Stay healthy, everyone!


The Red Wing Public Library Staff

Dear Sweet Pea by Julie Murphy

Seventh grade is not turning out to be such a great year for Sweet Pea DiMarco (her real name is Patricia, but nobody calls her that except her eccentric advice columnist neighbor, Miss Flora Mae).  Her parents are recently divorced – but decided that the best way to keep things normal for Sweet Pea was for her dad to rent the house on other side of Miss Flora Mae’s and make everything look identical to her mom’s house, which, to be honest, kind of creeps Sweet Pea out.  Her cat, Cheese, must think so too, because he refuses to spend the night at her dad’s new house.  Her ex-best-friend, Kiera, now sits in front of her in class, which is definitely not awesome.  And Miss Flora Mae just cornered Sweet Pea on the sidewalk and announced that she’s going out of town and needs Sweet Pea to collect her column letters and water her plants – and then swore her to secrecy.  The last thing Sweet Pea needs is more secrets.

At least she has her forever best friend, Oscar.  They share a love of America’s Most Haunted, which they’re burning through on Netflix, and Oscar always has Sweet Pea’s back, no matter what.  Even when there is an unfortunate, um, incident, involving too much pizza, cake, and a trampoline at Kiera’s birthday party, which Sweet Pea sorta kinda crashes.  And even if she’s keeping secrets from Oscar – secrets she doesn’t want to keep, but Miss Flora Mae made her promise.  And secrets seem to lead to more secrets.

When Sweet Pea accidentally discovers a Dear Miss Flora Mae letter with very, very familiar handwriting while gathering up Flora’s mail, she makes a decision that will change her family and her friendships even more than they already have – she decides to answer it.  Sometimes, change is good, and sometimes, it’s not-so-good.  It turns out you always have to deal with it, though – and it’s how you decide to deal with it that defines who you are.

Author Julie Murphy has already proved her awesomeness with her young adult knockout novels Dumplin’, Puddin’, and Ramona Blue, and Dear Sweet Pea rocks the middle grade scene just as fabulously as her older sister novels (there’s a even a great nod to the world of Dumplin’ and Puddin’!).  Sweet Pea is funny, full of heart, and a great little human, even when she’s muddling through trying to figure out what the best way is to be a friend, a daughter, and an almost-eighth grader.  Oscar is a staunch and stalwart friend, and who doesn’t love a cat named Cheese?  Brimming with family, friendship, life advice, and a whole lot of love, middle grade readers, no matter how old, won’t want to miss Julie Murphy’s latest.  Check it out at the library!

Neither Snow Nor Wind…

…can keep us from opening on time Saturday, January 18, but computer upgrades can keep our phones from working. So if you call tomorrow morning and we don’t answer, that’s why – but we’ll be open starting at 9am! Unfortunately, we do have to cancel both our scheduled events – the Bells of the Bluffs at 10:30am and Writers Ink at 1:30 – due to the hazardous travel conditions. I have no information at this time about rescheduling.   The phones should be back up around 10:30am and in the meantime you can always email us at Thanks!