NOTE: Registration for this season’s Craft Club is full. If you have already registered we will email you prior to the release of the first craft kit. If you were not able to register before the club filled up, don’t worry – plans are already in the works for the 2021 season! Stay tuned to the library’s Facebook page for more information.

This holiday season, members of our Holiday Craft Club will have the opportunity create a new, surprise craft the first four weeks in December! Each kit will contain supplies and instructions to create something small and sweet to brighten your home this winter, along with a seasonal treat or two.

Members may choose from Reindeer kits, for novice crafters ages 4 and up; Elf kits, for crafters with some experience ages 8 and up; or Claus kits, for experienced crafters ages 12 and up. All craft kit levels are open to all ages! Reindeer craft kits are limited to 60 members, and Elf and Claus craft kit levels are both limited to 40 members.

Kits will be ready on Monday mornings, and can be collected by scheduling a library pickup any time during that week. Collect your kit, head home, and get ready for fun!

Craft kit release dates are Monday, November 30, December 7, December 14, and December 21.