River City Days are this weekend so there will be lots of things to see and do in Red Wing, including the Friends of the Library’s fall book sale.  This Saturday morning from 9-2 pm the Foot Room will be open and filled with nearly new and gently used books for sale.  All proceeds benefit the Library so tell everyone you know to come on down and shop with us!

All Good Things…

drum playerWow!  What an amazing summer we’ve had here at the library!  A spectacular sidewalk chalk party kickoff, one live Chutes & Ladders game (complete with a balloon party at the finish!), American Girl fashion and fun, 20 story times, 4 family movies, 2 Wii tourneys, 6 Writer’s Camps sessions, and tons of fun programs (music and animals and science, oh my!) have brought us to the close of July.

We’ve been super impressed with all the kiddos who’ve completed the entire summer reading program and read all 7 (seven!!) weeks of summer, not to mention the veritable flood of teen reading logs I’ve seen.  And all you grown-ups who not only have been participating in our inaugural year of adult summer reading, but been getting just as excited as the kids to read read read for fun – thank you!

For those of you still reading, this is just a reminder that this Saturday, August (August?! Where has the summer gone?) 1st is the final day to turn in all reading logs – children’s, teen, and adult.  The children’s and adult raffle and drawing will be held early next week and the winners contacted, and the teen drawing will be held at the End-of-Summer Reading party on Thursday, August 6th.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading, logging, and supporting the library this summer – we love books, and we love our library patrons!


Last year the Library was fortunate enough to be awarded a Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund grant through our SELCO consortium.  The grant allowed us to complete three projects we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to fund.


1.) The cleaning and restoration of a statue the library owns, affectionately nicknamed “Harriet.”  An Italian white marble statue donated to the library in the 1900s, it was given by Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Sheldon in honor of their daughter Harriet, who died of typhoid fever in 1901 at the age of 20. The statue was sculpted by P. Milanesy and purchased from the gallery of Pietro Bazzanti in Florence. After her restoration “Harriet” was moved to a new place in the library and the wall behind her was painted to better display her alabaster tone.  Doesn’t she look great!

Displaying IMG_20150722_170408849.jpg

2.)  The creation of a locking display case within the library to showcase the works of local students and artists.  You’ve probably noticed the display case that separates the teen computer area.  It turned out beautifully and has been full on a rotating basis this year.  Local student projects from St. John’s School, Red Wing High School, and ArtReach have been on display.  It also held the works of Red Wing Area Arts Association member, Dawn Erickson.  Right now it’s full of tantalizing prizes for the summer reading program, and has been a value-added addition to the library.

3.) The installation of a gallery-style hanging system in the Foot Room.  If you’ve ever attended a program here at the library, you’ve probably been in the Foot Room.  It’s our largest meeting space with a room capacity around 300.  Installing the gallery rail system in there has allowed us to hang more works of art to help cozy up the space and display more of the library’s collection.  It has the added benefit of serving as display space for groups who rent out the room.  The Foot Room walls are cinder block so it was a challenge to hang items there before.  Now it’s the work of a minute and displayed items can be changed and rotated; a definite improvement.

Legacy funding has been significant for libraries, enabling them to realize artistic projects they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.  If you’d like to see proof of its value in our community, stop by the library; we’ll be happy to show you!




Experience the Science Museum of Minnesota on Wednesday!

IMG_7297Hey, young scientists!  This Wednesday, we’re bringing two spectacular science programs to the library!

In the morning, kids in grades K-2 will have the opportunity to learn all about sound through investigating a variety of vibrating objects, like tuning forks and crystal goblets.  Maybe do a little experimenting of your own before you come – like filling bottles with different amounts of water, blowing across the top, and seeing what happens!  And in the afternoon, kids in grades 3-5 will be able to have fun with chemistry and chemical reactions by investigating solids, liquids and gases.

Do you have to be in the suggested grades to attend the programs?  Nope!  Just keep in mind that those are the grade levels for which each program is designed.  Science is pretty cool no matter how old you are!

Sound will be presented at 10:30 AM in the Foot Room on Wednesday, July 22nd, and Solids, Liquids and Gases will be presented at 1:00 PM, also in the Foot Room on Wednesday the 22nd.  See you there!

Please Note: The Science Museum will be here on Wednesday the 22nd, not our usual Tuesday morning time, since they were booked elsewhere on Tuesday the 21st.  Wednesday and Thursday story times will be held together this week on Thursday, July 23rd at 10:30 AM in the Foot Room.  Apologies for any confusion!