Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Picture of book cover for Red RisingDarrow is a Red, a member of society’s lowest caste, working under brutal conditions as a miner on Mars. Early in the book, he suffers a devastating loss and becomes a revolutionary, determined to overthrow the ruling Gold caste. Aided by the underground group the Sons of Ares, he infiltrates the Institute, the school where the future leaders of the Gold caste are chosen. The Institute is not your typical school – no classes and the only curriculum is actual war between groups of students. The average annual mortality rate is at least 50% – and this year’s class may be the deadliest of all…
The first volume in a projected trilogy, Red Rising is dark and violent, but along with the action there are nicely drawn characters and a well thought out and and conceived world. Great for science fiction fans and those who love their dystopian novels (Hunger Games fans, rejoice!)

Author and speaker Tasha Schuh coming to the library on Saturday, July 19

Tasha SchuhTasha Schuh, inspirational Speaker and author from Ellsworth, Wisconsin, will share her  message of “Little is Huge” Saturday, July 19, 2014, at 10:00 AM.  This event will be held at the Red Wing Public Library, 225 East Avenue, Red Wing, MN.  She will also autograph her book “My Last Step Backward”.  For more information, call (651) 385-3673

After showcasing her talent as the lead in her high school’s production of

Grease, Tasha began to dream of a career in theater. No one knew that the stage itself would steal her dream—and almost her life—during a rehearsal for the next big show.

Just days before her opening night performance in The Wizard of Oz, sixteen year-old Tasha took one step backward and fell sixteen feet through a trap door. On that day, Nov. 11, 1997, she landed on the concrete floor of the historic Sheldon Theater, breaking her neck, crushing her spinal cord, and fracturing her skull. She would never walk again.

For the next three days, Tasha prepared for a surgery that would at best leave her a C-5 quadriplegic. Post-op complications turned Tasha’s struggle and ultimate triumph into an unbelievable journey. From loss and grief to self-discovery and achievement, Tasha’s faith, resilience, and honesty have allowed her to leave the old Tasha behind while she confronts the new Tasha’s life from a state of the art wheelchair. She was the recipient of the 2012 National Rehabilitation Champion Award and was Ms. Wheelchair USA 2012-13. Tasha travels and shares her story of resilience and triumph over tragedy.  She lives in Ellsworth, WI with her husband Doug Michaels, former Eau Claire TV meteorologist.


Cover image for Murder of crows : a novel of the OthersAnne Bishop is a New York Times bestselling author for good reason.  Her well-developed fantasy realms thrill readers with their detail and imagination.  Bishop is also a winner of the William L. Crawford Memorial Fantasy Award for her Black Jewels Trilogy.  Clearly, Bishop writes fantastic fantasies and her Others series is no exception.  Book two in this series, Murder of Crows will be given away this week as part of our 52 Weeks of Winners promotion.  All you have to do to win this pristine copy autographed by Bishop herself is to throw your name into the entry box each time you come into the library.  Give it a try; you just might win something and discover a whole new series to love!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

to all the boysLara Jean Song Covey keeps all her love letters in a teal hatbox.  It’s one of the few things her mom gave her that is all hers – older sister Margot and baby sister Kitty don’t have their own in a different color.  They’re not love letters in the traditional sense – every time Lara Jean falls out of love, she writes a letter, seals it, addresses it, and puts it in her hatbox, and she’s done.  Heartbreak over.

Junior year is just beginning, and it’s a complicated year.  It’s the first time Lara Jean will be in charge of the family – her mom died six years ago, her dad tries hard and works even harder, and awesome, overachieving Margot is off to college to study anthropology.  Off to college in Scotland, because that’s how Margot rolls.  Exuberant Kitty is growing up, but it’s still a lot of work to keep a nine-year-old in line – and out of your stuff.  Junior year is big big big – ACTs, colleges, decisions about volunteer work and internships and grades and homework and The Future.  And her relationship with boy-next-door Josh is even more complicated than it was before.  Josh is Margot’s boyfriend, but Lara Jean loved him first, even if he (and Margot) never knew it.  The minute Margot told Lara Jean she liked Josh, Lara Jean wrote him a love letter and sealed him up in her hatbox – and out of her heart.

And then the letters get mailed.

All five of them.

Junior year – and Lara Jean’s love life – is about to get way more complicated.

If you’ve been hunting for your next summer read, look no further!  The Song girls will grab hold of your heart and won’t let go.  Funny, sweet, awkward, light and serious all at once, To All the Boys I Loved Before is definitely in my top 10 for 2014.  Jenny Han is one of my favorites, so when you’ve buzzed through this new one, don’t miss her Summer trilogy or her fabulous revenge books, Burn for Burn and Fire with Fire co-written with Siobhan Vivian.