Another autographed book giveaway!

Facebook book giveawayThis one is for those folks that have liked our Facebook page. We are going to give away the following autographed (by the authors, not me!) books: First Family by David Baldacci; Changes by Jim Butcher; and a three book set from Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series (The Wanderer, The Newcomer and The Hero). Winners will be randomly selected from a list of all the people that have liked our Facebook page. The drawing will take place the morning of Monday, December 22. So if you know somebody who’d like a chance to win the books, have them like our page!

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers

mortal heartBrittany, 1489.

The young duchess Anne of Brittany is besieged by the French.  Surrounded on all sides by enemies, usurpers and traitors, all her hopes lay with the followers of Mortain, one of the nine gods of old.  Trained as assassins to dispatch those their god has marqued for death, there are few as deadly as the daughters of Mortain.

One of the few initiates to have been raised from infancy by the nuns at the convent of Saint Mortain, Annith is the most talented of all the young assassins.  Her skills at combat, archery, deception, horsemanship and spying are unequaled, and there is no one more devoted to the well-being of the young girls taken in by the nuns, the worship of saint Mortain, or the freedom of Brittany and its duchess.  Which is why, after being passed over twice by the abbess for court missions, Annith knows there is some foul treachery at hand when woefully under-trained, fifteen-year-old Matelaine is sent out on a mission for the duchess instead of her.

When the abbess announces her intention for Annith to replace Sister Vereda as Seeress for the convent, effectively sentencing the talented young assassin to a living death, Annith rebels.  Annith knows with all her heart it should be she to go – and why would the abbess send such a young initiate, a girl who has not even completed all her final tests?  Leaving everything she has ever known behind, Annith sets out into the countryside to confront the abbess and serve Death in her own way.  But when she is hunted down by the hellequin, Death’s riders, and taken in by their mysterious, dark and brooding leader, Balthazaar, it seems that Death himself has come for his own assassin.

Chock full of action, adventure, arrows flying through the night, intrigue, plenty of swoon, treachery and backstabbing, political intrigue and maneuvering, battles and braying hounds on the hunt, this third and final book in the His Fair Assassin series is absolutely delicious.  Even though this series had me at ‘assassin nuns,’ author Robin LaFevers more than lives up to the premise and delivers a pulse-pounding tale rich with historical detail, legend and lore, and peppered with real people as young Anne of Brittany fights to keep her small kingdom whole and unspoiled by the might of France and its power-hungry Regent.  For anyone who loves a nail-biting historical read with a seriously kick butt heroine, be sure to grab Grave Mercy, inhale Dark Triumph, and breathlessly finish off with Mortal Heart!

Holiday Drop & Shop this Saturday!

Christmas packagesHey, parents!  Do you have Christmas shopping to do, but can’t figure out what to do with your kids while you shop?  Or, maybe you’re supermom and have all the shopping done, but you need time to open Santa’s workshop with the kiddos out of the house?

This Saturday, drop your kids ages 5-12 off with us for festive fun while you take care of some of those Christmastime jobs.  Or just drop your kids off and grab a much-needed hour of quiet!  Together with the Red Wing Dawnbreaker’s Kiwanis, we’ll be having fun in the Foot Room from 1-3:30 PM with holiday games, snacks, movies, crafts, and even a mini gift-making workshop (hey, maybe it’s your kids who need to get their shopping for YOU done!).

How do you sign your kids up?  Just call the library at (651) 385-3645, then drop them off at the library any time after 1:00 PM on Saturday.  You will need to fill out a form with contact info, so make sure you take a couple of minutes to pop down to the Foot Room before you head out on your shopping adventure.  Kids will need to be picked up by 3:30 PM (although you can certainly pick them up early too!).

Children must be ages 5-12 to participate.  Limit of 60 children.  Registration required (but please do call and see if we have room if you decide to go shopping on Saturday – odds are good we will!).  Questions?  Just give us a call!


Cover image for There's something about ChristmasCover image for Finding NoelOur Year of Romance continues here at the library, and December is Holiday Romance Month.  Ring in the holidays with a romantic read and some love under the mistletoe!  So many of your favorite authors have written a Christmas novel, including Debbie Macomber, Richard Paul Evans, Johanna Lindsey and others.  Read any romance novel during the month of December and enter to win autographed books by Sabrina Jeffries and Grace Burrowes.  With all the gifts you’ll be giving others this month, why not win a little something for yourself?