Lorna BarrettCover image for Murder on the half shelf has struck gold once again.  Each installment in her Booktown Mystery series seems to earn her a spot on the New York Times bestseller list.  Book six in the series, Murder of the Half Shelf, debuted at #19 for mass market paperbacks, and we’re giving away a free copy this week. 

Set in Stoneham, New Hampshire, the series centers around Tricia, the owner of a mystery bookshop aptly named Haven’t Got a Clue.  These fun, frolicking mysteries are a delight to read.  Barrett is also renown for her Victoria Square mysteries written under the pen name L.L. Barlett.   With so many works under her pen, Lorna Barrett has mastered the formula for cozy mysteries.  Enter to win Murder on the Half Shelf, one of her best, this week at the library.


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One of Minnesota’s best loved writers, Faith Sullivan, was born and raised in southern Minnesota.  The author of four novels set in the fictional town of Harvester, MN, Sullivan’s books make readers feel right at home.  A multifaceted author, Sullivan has also published a contemporary fantasy, a thriller and a humorous book titled Repent, Lanny Merkel.  Come meet Faith and hear her present on Saturday, September 27th at 10 am in the Foot Room.

This event is presented by the Friends of the Library and is free for all.


Cover image for Undead and unwedWhoop, whoop; we’re excited!  Minnesota resident and New York Times bestselling author, MaryJanice Davidson, is coming to the library!  This is a major coup for a library of our size and we’d like you to help us spread the word.  Tell all your friends Davidson will be here on Saturday, October 18th, at 10:30 in the Foot Room.

Best known for her wildly popular Undead series, Davidson’s comical, paranormal romances delight readers worldwide.  Never read one before?  Well, here’s your chance!  The library is about to begin a “Fluff Club”; a book club for readers who enjoy light, entertaining reads.  The first book they will be reading is Davidson’s Undead and Unwed, so you can get in on the ground floor of a new book club and a great series, and then meet the author.

So, Fluff Club on October 9th, then author visit on October 18th; it’s going to be a great month at the library!