Cover image for Old world murder : a Chloe Ellefson mysteryWith the holidays here our schedules fill up even faster than normal, so take a moment to mark your calendars for the next Friends of the Library book club meeting.  On December 8th the book club will gather at 6 pm at the Red Wing Village Co-op (2533 Eagle Ridge Drive) to discuss Old World Murder by Kathleen Ernst.  Some of you may remember Ernst from earlier this summer when she was here for an author visit.  Not only prolific, Ernst is also gifted enough to cross genres and audiences without a hitch.  She has written numerous children’s books, including several in the immensely popular American Girl series, as well as a couple of non-fiction books.  She has now published her sixth volume in the Chloe Ellefson Mystery series, but the club will be starting with book one, Old World Murder.  So pick up a copy of this novel today.  You just might discover a whole new series and a whole new group of friends!     

“My Impressions of Cuba”

Red Wing resident and attorney Chuck Richardson has an unusual distinction among the well-traveled; over the past fifteen year he has legally traveled to Cuba ten times.  From those voyages grew not only a love of the Spanish language, but of the Cuban culture, including its music and its people.  Chuck will present “My Impressions of Cuba” on Saturday, November 21st from 10 am-12 pm in the Foot Room.  His captivating images and story telling will transport the audience to this enigmatic country.  Come explore the colors and warmth of Cuba on a day when Red Wing will be cold and gray!

This event is free to the public and is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Give to the Max!

gtmd-logoToday is the annual MN Give to the Max day and it just so happens that our awesome Friends of the Library group is one of the charities that you can donate to. They do so much around here – buying equipment, arranging author programs, running a book club and just generally helping out whenever they can. If you are able to donate any money, please consider them (or one of the other wonderful charities available through GiveMN). Thanks!

The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher

Picture of book cover for The OversightI have some good news and some good news and some bad news about the Oversight. The good news is that it’s an absolutely awesome book, one that anybody who enjoys fantasy will absolutely love! (see the starred review from Booklist below). The next good news is that the second book in this projected trilogy, The Paradox, is already out and the library owns a copy! The bad news is that the third book in the trilogy hasn’t yet been published. <sigh>. It’s one of the best fantasy books I’ve read in a while – I highly recommend this one!

From Booklist: *Starred Review* Fletcher wrote screenplays for many years (he wrote for several British TV series, and the 1995 American film Fair Game, among others), but he struck gold as a novelist with 2006’s Stoneheart, the first in a middle-grade fantasy trilogy. Here he sticks to fantasy this time for adults with a dark and violent story about an ancient peace that’s about to be broken, an imminent clash between our world and the world of dark magic. The Oversight is the name of the group that has protected our world for centuries, going back to the dawn of history itself; now the group’s members have dwindled to a handful, and they might not be enough to stop the Sluagh, creatures who want to use this world as a hunting ground. There is hope, in the form of a young girl who turns up at the Oversight’s home base, but is the girl the savior of the Oversight, or its ultimate destruction? Richly atmospheric (the evil lurks in the background of every paragraph), the book should be a big hit with supernatural-fantasy readers.