Chasing Shadows by Swati Avasthi

chasing shadowsSavitri, Corey and Holly are solid – always together, always there, always and forever.  Until forever ends.

Corey and Holly are twins, and Savitri is the third piece of the three-piece puzzle – Holly’s best friend and Corey’s girlfriend.  Holly stood up for Savitri when the other kids called her Hindi comics weird, and Savitri and Corey shut Josh out completely after he dumped Holly so horribly last year.  Freerunners, running the Chicago rooftops, leaping gaps and flipping off walls and stairs is where the three feel most at home and the most together.

Until one night, driving home from an awesome sunset run in a bad neighborhood, a guy in a hoodie with a gun destroys everything.

After, there are only Holly and Savitri.  Holly is in a coma, and Savitri is in shock – she froze in the seconds where it could have mattered, and the guy got away, leaving her boyfriend dead and her best friend lost in the shadow lands.  Holly and Corey’s dad is a cop with the Chicago PD, and they’re pretty sure the shooting was a target hit on his kids, but they’ve got no ID, not a lot of evidence, and no close witnesses – unless Holly wakes up.

A Minnesota Book Award nominee, Chasing Shadows is a complex, dark, layered puzzle.  A mix of graphics and prose told from Holly and Savitri’s points of view, Minneapolis author Swati Avasthi leads us down the dark path into the underworld of death, grief, rage, pain, and everything that comes after.  Friendships, families, and absolutes unravel and reform in unexpected and startling ways as Savitri finds her way to a new world without Corey – and Holly fights to bring herself and her twin back from the brink.  Unsettling, fascinating, and totally un-put-downable, fans of mysteries, crime novels, dark alleys, psychological thrillers, Swedish noir, anti-heroes (Batman, anyone?), and deftly plotted stories should grab this!

Wii Open Play Today!

Pikachu_SSB4No school today?  Head to the library this afternoon at 2:00 PM for some Wii open play!  No pre-registration required – just come on downstairs to the Foot Room a few minutes before 2, and we’ll see how many gamers we’ve got.

We’ve got Mario Kart, SSB Brawl, and Wii Sports, so we’ll take a vote on what to start with and go from there.  How will we play?  Winner of each race/match/brawl stays in, losers swap out.  Winner gets to choose stage or track, I’ll track your wins, and there’s candy in it for whoever has the most glory stacked up by 4:00 PM.

All kids in 2nd – 7th grades welcome.  Feel free to BYO snacks – sadly, the black Wii has no ports for Game Cube controllers, but if you want to bring any wheels, nunchucks, etc., that’s cool!

See you at 2:00 PM!

(A Poem Inspired By) Love That Dog and Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

love that dogThis is the story
of a boy
who loves yellow dogs
but doesn’t want to write
about them.
Especially not
if they will be on the board
with his name
for everyone to see.



This is also the story
of how
tigers burning bright
street music
Mr. Walter Dean Myers
and a teacher
change that
a little bit
or maybe a lot.

hate that catAnd this is the story
of how the boy
doesn’t want to like black cats
tails whisking
ungrateful in trees
but purrs
skittering paws
mother and father
change that too.

Free movie at the library!

As part of our “Year of Romance” campaign the library will be hosting a series of movies to showcase some of the best romantic movie examples on the silver screen. Next up – this Saturday, April 19 at 12:30pm – in our movie line-up is “Romancing the Stone” from director Robert Zemeckis (of “Back to the Future” fame). Lots of action, adventure and jokes along with the romance. I can personally recommend this one, having seen it with my wife before we married (yikes – didn’t realize the film was quite that old…)

This movie is rated PG and is free to the public. We will have chairs set up, but if you’d really like to get comfy, please feel free to BYO movie seating – blankets, bean bag chairs, camp chairs, etc.!