Friends-book-saleThe Friends of the Library will be hosting a book sale this Saturday, August 2nd, from 9-2 pm in the Foot Room.  Come peruse these nearly new books with everything from fast paced thrillers to science fiction.  There will even be some Christmas specials for you early shoppers.  Everyone is welcome and sale proceeds are used to benefit the library.


Its hard to believe, but the end of our summer reading program is here.  Its been an amazing summer, with huge numbers of kids participating and attending the events and programs we had to offer.  Help us end our summer reading campaign with the fun and energy we’ve enjoyed all season.  Bring your kids down and join us for our final event, the Pint Size Polkas, on Wednesday, July 30th, at 2 pm.  Interactive and fun, children of all ages are welcome to come and enjoy this entertaining show.  See you there!

This project was funded with money from the Minnesota’s Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

queen of the tearlingThree hundred years ago, a group of Americans and British left their decaying world behind and set out to find a new land across the sea.  After overcoming great peril, the sinking of the White Ship and the loss of all the medical knowledge with it, William Tear and his small band of refugees came to rest on the shores of a new land – a land they came to call the Tear.

Nineteen years ago, the infant princess and heir to the Tearling throne was smuggled to the cottage of Barty and Carlin Glynn by the Queen’s Guard.  Raised in exile and secrecy, Kelsea Raleigh is only now coming into her birthright – a kingdom gone rotten with corruption under the rule of her uncle the Regent, its people beaten down with poverty and fear of the powerful dark magic of the witch queen of neighboring kingdom Mortmesme.  On her nineteenth birthday, Kelsea is not yet a queen, just a girl loathe to leave her home, her forest, her books and her foster parents behind to face an unknown future of darkness and peril.

Still, when Lazarus the Mace and the other soldiers of the Queen’s Guard appear to escort her to the castle Keep to claim the silver throne, Kelsea knows she has no choice but to take the crown and bring her kingdom back from the brink.  With only the sapphire necklace she has worn as long as she can remember and Carlin’s last note to her - Careful – to call her own, Kelsea sets off on the long road to the Keep.  Stalked by assassins sent by her uncle, trailed by a mysterious outlaw known only as the Fetch, and with the murderous hawks of the Red witch Queen of Mortmesme shadowing her every move, only one thing is certain – there are not many who want the young queen to survive long enough to sit the throne.  But Kelsea is not who her enemies – or her allies – believe her to be.  Power lives inside her, if only she can see her way through the darkness and into the light.

Dystopia, sword fights, outlaws, magic and sorcery, dark secrets, political intrigue, a touch of romance, a surprising heroine, and a deep mystery all work together to make debut author Erika Johansen’s novel a fun summer fantasy you’ll devour in an afternoon.  If you’re looking for something to distract you from your Game of Thrones withdrawal, look no further!


On Thursday, July 24th, the library will be offering a free showing of The Notebook at 6:30 pm in the Foot Room.  Based on the best-selling book by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is an emotionally evocative love story that will leave viewers touched by the story line.  Whether you’ve seen it before or will be viewing it for the first time, The Notebook is a romance with a twist that is well worth your time.