renaissance4renaissance3We are highlighting time travel this month as part of our Year of Romance campaign.  We’ve scoured the shelves and pulled together a collection of reads that will take you to another time and place.  To help get you in the time travel mood, we’re offering two free tickets this month to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!  Never been there?  Are you kidding?  You’ve been missing out!  Its the largest Renaissance fair in the United States with an annual attendance of about 300,000 people.  Live jousting, artisans selling medieval wares, magnificent costumes and roasted turkey legs are just a few of the things that make this festival one you won’t want to miss.  Come on in to the library and enter our contest.  All you have to do is tell us where you’d like to travel in time to and what you’d do once you got there.  For that, we’ll send you back in time at the Renaissance Festival; what could be better?

Complicit by Stephanie Kuehn

complicitJamie Henry knows Cate is out before his adoptive parents tell him in the morning.  When his phone rings at 3:29 AM and no one is there, just road noise and Unknown caller on the screen, somehow, he knows.

Two years ago, Jamie’s older sister Cate burned down the horse barn where her horse, and a lot of other expensive horses, were boarded.  Jamie’s best friend’s girlfriend was in the barn when it happened.  The arson and attempted murder were the last in a long string of incidents – drinking, drugs, theft, and creepy rumors about what she did to kids in the woods – while Cate spiraled down in a whirlwind of anger and violence, and Jamie feels horribly guilty about just how relieved he was when she was locked up.  The day she was caught was the first day his hands went numb – no explanation, no warning, just suddenly nothing.

His psychiatrist calls Jamie’s numb hands idiopathic cataplexy, which basically means they have no idea what’s causing it.  It’s just one more thing piled up on top of the anxiety and panic attacks, all side effects of having a crazy sister and a terrible childhood.  Cate and Jamie were raised in wealth and luxurious privilege, but it wasn’t always that way.  Born into poverty, not-quite-six-year-old Jamie watched his mother die of a gunshot wound in their basement apartment while eight-year-old Cate held him and waited for the police to come.  After foster care and a group home, the two were adopted by the Henrys – as replacements for their own dead children, ages six and nine.  A fact that Cate has never been able to forget or forgive.

And now, after two years of relative peace and safety, Cate is back.  And she’s coming for her brother.

A twisty, mind-bending, taut psychological thriller, Morris Award-winning novelist Stephanie Kuehn has written an intense ride where nothing is as it seems – especially the truth.  For Jamie, the truth is as elusive and slippery as smoke.  When Cate calls, everything he thought he knew about his childhood, his birth mother, his adoptive parents and his sister is suddenly called into question.  The truth is everywhere – and nowhere – and it is waiting for him.  If you loved Gone Girl‘s unpredictable, hairpin turns of half-truths and lies, you don’t want to miss Complicit!

Wii Open Play Friday!

Pikachu_SSB4Join us from 1:00 – 3:30 PM in the Foot Room this Friday afternoon for a Wii open play!  We’ll have Wii sports, Mario Kart, SSB Brawl and more.  Play will be 4-player, with the winner staying in and the three losers swapping out.  We’ve got Wiimotes, nunchuks and wheels, but you’re welcome to bring along any controllers you’d like!

Wii gaming is for kids going in to grades 2-7 in the fall.  Gamers are welcome to BYO snacks and soda.  See you soon!