Great book you may have missed

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell

these broken starsEvery so often, I like to recommend a book from the distant past (well, ok, in this case it’s 2009). Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell is smart, funny, fast paced, violent, crude and altogether one of the most fun books I’ve ever read.

Dr. Peter Brown is an intern at Manhattan’s worst hospital, with a talent for medicine, a shift from hell, and a past he’d prefer to keep hidden. Pietro “Bearclaw” Brnwna is a hitman for the mob, with a genius for violence, a well-earned fear of sharks, and an overly close relationship with the Federal Witness Relocation Program. Nicholas LoBrutto, aka Eddy Squillante, is Dr. Brown’s new patient, with three months to live and a very strange idea: that Peter Brown and Pietro Brnwa might-just might-be the same person …Now, with the mob, the government, and death itself descending on the hospital, Peter has to buy time and do whatever it takes to keep his patients, himself, and his last shot at redemption alive.

What makes it even more amazing is that Bazell was a medical resident at the time he wrote the book. I can’t imagine how he had the time to write, but I’m glad he did!

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Sidewalk construction has really gotten going now! The East Ave entrance and book drop are now closed and will be so for 2 days (at least, that’s how long they tell us it will take!). We realize how much of an inconvenience not having the book drop is for folks returning items, so we will waive all overdue fees for items that come due while it is closed and for a couple days after it re-opens. Thanks for your patience! photo(3)

October Tween Book Club Meets Monday!

far far awayHey, Red Wing middle schoolers!  If you’re in grades 5-7, join us tonight at 5 PM in the Foot Room for a discussion of creeptacular reads, followed by snacks and games.  A list of suggested titles is here, including awesomeness by Neil Gaiman, Peg Kehret and Holly Black.

Didn’t get a chance to read anything off the list?  No worries!  Come and talk about anything you’ve read in the past month or two (scary factor optional) and get some great ideas for a good creepy read to curl up with before Halloween.

See you tonight!